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The Jacksonville, FL Physical Therapy Clinic Treating A Wide Range of Injuries

Nov 3

If you are injured in an accident in Jacksonville, FL, you should seek medical attention immediately. This will ensure timely treatment, which will ensure fast recovery. In addition, if you want to claim compensation from the insurer or negligent party, going to an accredited facility for treatment will help document the injuries. Which Jacksonville Florida accidents clinic should you go to for injury treatment? East Coast Injury Clinic – Jacksonville Chiropractor is a reliable clinic you can count on for injury treatment and fast recovery. Here are some of our services.

Chiropractic Care

If you are a victim of a car or slip and fall accident and sustained an injury, we are the injury clinic to help you. Our Jacksonville chiropractor will examine you and come up with a treatment and care plan that will relieve pain and promote healing. We treat all sports and accident injuries using chiropractic care. We can treat concussions, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, back injuries, and more. Our team in Jacksonville, FL will walk with you until you fully recover and return to living your normal life without pain.  

Neurology Care

Injuries like pinched nerves or other neurological issues can affect your quality of life. Sports, car accidents, slip and fall, lifting, and on-the-job accidents can cause such injuries and neurological problems. If you have a neurological injury, you should come to our Jacksonville clinic. Our neurologist Jacksonville will treat you correctly regardless of the cause of the neurological pain. 

Physical Therapy

After healing from an injury, you will need physical therapy to regain your physical fitness and mobility. At East Coast Injury Clinic, we have physiotherapists and advanced equipment to help you get back to top performance. Our Jacksonville chiropractor and therapist will come up with a perfect rehabilitation plan that will help you build strong muscles and joints and boost your overall strength. Our physical therapy program will also focus on improving your mobility. In the end, you will be fit to live a normal life or even get back to the field (if you are a sportsperson). 

Therapeutic Massage  

If you work out a lot, perform challenging tasks, or participate in rigorous sporting activities, you need a therapeutic massage. The massage has a lot of benefits, such as improved blood circulation, decreased muscle stiffness, less pain and soreness, decreased joint inflammation, improved flexibility, and better quality of sleep. If you want to get a quality therapeutic massage to boost your mood or improve your wellness, you should come to our Jacksonville chiropractic clinic.  We have experienced massage therapists using quality products and equipment to provide quality massage. 

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