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Everything You Need to Know to Start Meditating

May 9

If you’ve decided to start a meditation practice, but are unsure where to start, you’ll be relieved to hear it’s easy to do. The following guidelines will help you establish a meditation practice that you’ll be sure to find rewarding.

Educate yourself on types of meditation philosophies. Most people benefit from a weekend-long meditation retreat or an evening at a local meditation center where you can participate in group sessions and hear lecturers. When you understand the principles behind meditation practices, you’ll be more likely to stick with your new practice.
To get the most out of your meditation practice, spend time setting up a special spot. If possible, reserve one part of your house just for meditation.

Ideal spots are sunrooms, home offices, or a corner in your bedroom. Paint and decorate with respect, honoring the ways color influences your meditative mood. You may wish to buy a comfortable chair or a set of pillows and a good rug to use to ensure comfort. Purchase an egg timer so you’ll always be able to enjoy your meditation without the distraction of worrying about the passing of time.

Depending on what type of meditation practice you wish to pursue, you may want to invest in music or tuning bowls. Many people find they enjoy the scents of aromatherapy when meditating. Decorate your meditation space such that it inspires you and draws you in.

When you have an appropriate space set up, establish a commitment to a particular amount of time every day. Seat yourself in a comfortable position, using your cushions to support you. Close your eyes and pay attention to either your breath or a particular chosen word. As you get used to meditating day after day, you will see your mental focus and emotional wellness grow.

Essential Oil Spotlight:  Frankincense helps to focus energy and can enhance spiritual awareness and meditation.  Sandalwood is another great essential oil choice for enhancing your meditation experience.